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An Invitation to Crypto Pros Founding Member Pre-Launch

You are presented with a Truly Special, Unique Opportunity to join CryptoPros Founders Launch before the general public.

Crypto Pros is a global advertising platform providing its members with a tremendous advertising value. Advertising packs are only $2 each and give the member a 14-day banner and 14-day text ad displayed across the entire Crypto Pros network.

The core of the compensation plan is a 2 x 20 forced matrix, a forced matrix with a twist. Each purchase of the $2 advertising package will not only give the member a great value but it will also create a matrix position. The first matrix position will follow the sponsor, but all additional matrix positions will fall into the member own 2 x 20 matrix in the first available open position.

Crypto Pros will also pay a 100% matrix income match for all personal referrals. This could prove extra profitable for the promoters, but in case you are not one of such, the site will offer a unique PIF system. One will be able to obtain one's downlines by purchasing a $2 advertising package for any vacant, free member in the system.

So you would be able to refer or buy your downlines. Of course, such buying will be based on availability. You will also be able just to purchase your own advertising positions and count on spillover…

You can join as a Founding Member by choosing one of the 4 Founding Member Packages.

Each will allow you to secure your entry prior to public launch and will help you to gain leverage in the compensation plan by owning multiple matrix positions.

$30 - 15 advertising packs (15 matrix positions - 3 levels) $62 - 31 advertising packs (31 matrix positions - 4 levels) $126 - 63 advertising packs (63 matrix positions - 5 levels) $254 - 127 advertising packs (127 matrix positions - 6 levels)

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